About us

" In 2014 J.S.K. HEAITNG & COOLING OPENED FOR BUSINESS. Since then, we have been offering unmatched customer service, top quality HVAC/R installations, repairs our customer's can count on when they need them the most, the best labor warranties in the business on all work performed and the CAN DO attitude that we believe is necessary for success and total customer satisfaction. 

Our technicians are groomed to go above and beyond like no other HVAC/R company. Technicians at J.S.K. Heating & Cooling have been specifically recruited because of their character, attention to detail, high level of success in the industry, high level of HVAC/R expertise and for the passion that they have doing what we do. That is why it is known in the HVAC/R industry, it means something to be a technician at J.S.K. HEATING & COOLING.

We love what we do. Every service call and installation is a chance to make a difference for our customers. Making that difference is what we live for at J.S.K. HEATING & COOLING. We strongly believe in regular ongoing in field training, in an effort to not only keep up, but stay ahead of the pack in this ever evolving industry. We eat and breath this stuff, so don't be afraid to ask us any questions about how to optimize your HVAC/R systems.

We are very proud to have strong partnerships, especially the partnership we have with the HUMBER COLLEGE HVAC/R ALUMNI PROGRAM. With our extensive training, experience, network of partners and industry leading standards, we live to be your choice for all of your HVAC/R needs."

- Jesse D. Sullivan Klie, Owner/President