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Air Conditioner Installation

 Keep Cool in the Hot Summer Months

Trust J.S.K. Heating & Cooling for all of your home cooling needs. Our professional staff will help to select the right size air conditioning unit for the right price. We sell the most efficient air conditioning units available on the market with SEER levels of 13 to 16, and we will make sure you have years of trouble-free use with our professional no mess installation and our 2 year personal labour guaranty of a new YORK, Coleman & KEEPRITE air conditioners.

How They Work

Central Air Conditioning systems are connected to the distribution system and cool on the same principle as a refrigerator. They remove heat from within a structure and release it outside.
.There are two main parts in an air conditioner – the evaporator and the condenser. The evaporator sits inside the ductwork and absorbs heat from inside air into the refrigerant. The condenser, the other main part, sits outside of the house and looks like it’s doing all the work. Actually, it’s only doing half the job.Air conditioners have become very energy efficient. Today’s a/c units range on average from 13 seer to 18 seer, the higher the seer level the more energy efficient.

 Air Conditioner Repair and Service

J.S.K. Heating & Cooling. has been providing residential, commercial, industrial & high rise customers with the very best heating and air conditioning repairs, service, installation, and maintenance. We also repair, replace, maintain, and install heat pumps, water heaters, air cleaners, furnace filters, and many other types of comfort equipment. In addition, we are experts on indoor air quality for your home or workplace and will help you to make your indoor environment clean, safe, and worry-free for your family and/or co- workers.
It doesn’t matter what air conditioner make or model you own, you can trust our technicians experts to help. We repair almost every brand including Goodman,Rheem, Ruud, Amana, Trane, Luxaire, Bryant, Carrier, Coleman, Keeprite, Lennox, York, Armstrong Payne,Keep Rite and many others.

Ductless Air Conditioners 

A ductless split air conditioner is similar to a central system because the compressor is outdoors and a major benefit that the ductless system offers is zone control, which results in energy savings. Only the energy to meet the load demand of each room or zone is required at any time. It is unlike a window unit, because there is no unsecured window with an air conditioner in it, nor do you lose the use of a window for fresh air or for viewing. Best of all, you get maximum cooling and quiet comfort.
A ductless/split air conditioner system requires only a small hole in an outside wall to run lines for refrigerant and electricity between the indoor and outdoor unit and to drain the condensate, thus eliminating expensive renovation work for duct installation

The sleek, contemporary styling of the indoor unit allows for a stylish appearance and easy cleaning. Models with wireless remote control give you programmable time and temperature control and allow you to take total control of your comfort.

These units are great for home additions, alterations and renovations.
They have great heating and cooling capacities to meet most demands, with the new inverter technology – the compressor throttles up and down to meet demand and save energy.


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