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For maximum heating efficiency and comfort, the technicians at J.S.K. Heating & Cooling can address your heating needs to your satisfaction, we guarantee it!

We provide heating service to all makes and models, offer competitive pricing, professional installations and full warranty on work performed.

When it comes to installing a furnace boiler or heat pump we take a variety of factors into consideration in order to supply your needs.

Here are a few factors to consider:

  1. ENERGY STAR:  The higher the rating – the more energy efficient. Rebates are available for certain units by certain governments and utilities.
  2. AFUE RATINGS:  Today’s furnaces can have higher then 98% efficiency ratings. That means that for every dollar a homeowner spends to heat the home only 2 cents is wasted energy, compare that to the old furnaces that are 60% efficient. Selecting a two stage furnace allow your furnace to operate at 60% capacity in warmer winter periods and will only give you 100% capacity as when you need it on those cold nights, this process eliminates cycling indoor temperatures and saves you money. A modulating furnace makes that transition even smoother.
  3. ELECTRICAL EFFICIENCY: The day of belts and clunky motors are over. The new electronically commutated motors (ECM) operate on DC power and are over 2/3 more efficient then the predecessor. These motors are ether multi speed or variable speed and can save up to $1000.00 dollars a year on energy costs compared to belted motors when operating in continuous modes. By their design they will also compensate for restricted airflow or poor duct design by automatically adjusting the speed. 

 We use fully trained and licensed professionals; we pride ourselves on our knowledge and problem solving abilities. Our trucks are well stocked with most common and universal parts to reduce the time to perform our task and save you money. 

 Furnace Repair and Maintenace

When it comes to repairing CALL J.S.K. Heating & Cooling. We have the experience and know how to get the job done and have your home or place of business back to comfortable conditions in no time.

We are a fully licensed and insured company to perform repairs, sales and maintenance of all brands of heating equipment and provide the best solution for your budget without sacrificing quality, reliability or expertise.

Repair Furnaces is what we do – Have one of our licensed technicians from J.S.K. Heating & Cooling will come by and repair your furnace fast and at a reasonable price.

Furnace Maintenance –  As a valued customer you and your comfort are our highest priority. Our Annual maintenance checks will ensure a more reliable furnace. Cleaning and filter changes will make a big difference and you will save money. You will also improve your air quality, We check all the safety controls to ensure they work if a problem arises.


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